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Hip Rotation Drills for better golf, baseball, tennis swing and more. The ulitmate cross trainer for all sports to unleash the power of your hips.

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Rotating Hips for Power in all sports, throw faster, swing better, throw farther, kick harder with the Hip striker.

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Increase Hip Torque


In this video, Connor Powers shows a Baseball Hitting drill to increase your bat speed and power. Doing a hip rotation drill to make sure you are using your lower half correctly in your swing.  Youth baseball players all the way up to high school and college baseball players see the most success through proper hip rotation.  Master that movement using the Hip Striker and you will get a better baseball swing.  You will notice more torque in your hips and your hands will fly through the zone faster. Unleash your Power


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“Stop Squishing The Bug” and “Hip Strike”

In this video Connor Powers shows you a quick tip about hip rotation and what mechanical hitting adjustments you can make to be sure you are keeping your bat in the hitting zone for as long as possible.  Use this drill in conjunction with your Hip Striker and you will see the difference.  Once you coordinate the movement by striking the ball, you will replicate positive results on the field.  The result, will be a direct connection to proper hip rotation and keeping the bat in the zone longer.


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