• You Go Pro Baseball

    The guys at You Go Pro Baseball will help you with pretty much anything you need to improve your game. John Madden and his team give a down to earth and great description of drills and skills that you will want to focus on in your baseball training. The Hip Striker has become part of […]

    Baseball Express on the team!

    The Hip Striker is now available on Joining our team just in time for spring training. No time better than the present to start training with your Hip Striker. This baseball swing trainer is the ultimate training aid to developing power in your hips. Only a few swings a day with transform your hips […]

    Hits with Hips

    Train those hips to swing for more power on the ball. The Hip Striker does just that. Nobody proves the worth of hitting with the hips more than Ichiro Suzuki. Check out the latest edition of Baseball America featuring Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro is one of the best hitters of all time and a true innovator […]

    Hip to Lacrosse

    The Hip Striker is a great tool for a more powerful shot in Lacrosse. This lacrosse trainer increases the power of your hips which will result in more speed to your shot. Train, Rotate, Results. Check us out in the New England Lacrosse Journal and read more about the world of Lacrosse. Train different with […]

  • baseball swing trainer

    Get Power

    The Hip Striker is the ultimate swing trainer for your baseball, golf and tennis swing. Yes, it will also aid you in obtaining a harder shot and faster throw. Training with the Hip Striker is the edge you need. Start Training!

    Always Baseball America

    Hip Striker is always looking to better the swing of everyone. The only way to get the word out is to be in a place where the die hards go to polish their game. Baseball America is the premier publication to do so. We are always in the Marketplace with some of the top baseball […]

    Welcome Hitting World!

    Unleash the power of your swing through hip rotational training. Using your Hip Striker can do just that. Hip Striker’s we have also found a new home for our product and baseball equipment needs. We are proud to offer the Hip Striker on one of the premier baseball equipment providers on the web. Check out […]

    Swing Training and Hip Rotation

    Add power to your game. Home Run Power, Golf Drive Distance, Harder Forehand. The baseball community has already adopted this revolutionary concept. Hip Rotation power with the Hip Striker. seamans/nebj_201607/index.php#/84

  • Baseball’s Hottest Product

    The hottest baseball trainer on the market. A good baseball swing trainer is essential to your training. The Hip Striker adds power to your game and others agree. The New England Baseball Journal has listed the Hip Striker as their hot product in baseball training. If you want Home run power, the hips are a […]

  • Featured in Golf Tips Magazine

    We are proud to provide our knowledge and share our innovative device with the readers of Golf Tips Magazine. The Hip Striker is the ultimate swing trainer to add distance to your golf drive and more distance on the ball. Hip rotation is the key component to accomplish this goal. Read how Golf Tips can […]

    Golf Swing and Hip Rotation

    Hot Tip for your golf swing. Using hip rotation for power and distance. During your backswing, turn your hips laterally with a twisting motion Think about this move is to turn your right hip back toward the target at the start of your downswing, instead of pulling your left hip directly behind you. Turning your […]

    Searching for the perfect swing

    Searching for the perfect swing Searching for the perfect swing is all you hear about in golf, baseball, and tennis. If you had the perfect swing it would make things so much easier. We could dominate our sport and be the envy of all of those that we played with or against. That search is […]





    The Hip Striker is available for sale and it is a very exciting time for Striker Sports. Get yours today! The Hip Striker is the ultimate swing trainer, cross trainer and sport trainer. Unleash the Power of your hips.

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