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    Hip to Lacrosse

    The Hip Striker is a great tool for a more powerful shot in Lacrosse. This lacrosse trainer increases the power of your hips which will result in more speed to your shot. Train, Rotate, Results. Check us out in the New England Lacrosse Journal and read more about the world of Lacrosse. Train different with […]

    Get Power

    The Hip Striker is the ultimate swing trainer for your baseball, golf and tennis swing. Yes, it will also aid you in obtaining a harder shot and faster throw. Training with the Hip Striker is the edge you need. Start Training!

    Swing Training and Hip Rotation

    Add power to your game. Home Run Power, Golf Drive Distance, Harder Forehand. The baseball community has already adopted this revolutionary concept. Hip Rotation power with the Hip Striker. seamans/nebj_201607/index.php#/84

    Exciting New Product

    Your core is so important in every sport you play.  Not only in sport, but general overall fitness.  HipStriker is an exciting new way to not only improve core strength, but also coordination.  It’s a truly amazing new program.